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Employee Mediation Services JMU Policy 1404

Issues affecting workplace relationships can be addressed through mediation. Mediation is a process that is designed to encourage open conversation and understanding between parties. Participants are encouraged to have open and honest discussion, determine and clarify issues, and cooperatively establish steps towards achieving positive outcomes.

Some examples of common issues for mediation include:

  • Conflict with a supervisor or co-worker
  • Issues surrounding a grievance
  • Communication difficulties

Visit JMU's Employee Mediation Services website to learn more about mediation and conflict resolution techniques.

Grievable Actions

A&P faculty members grieving actions concerning any administrative roles or assignments may initiate grievances with their administrative supervisors, and any appeals from the supervisor's decision on the matter shall be given to the next level supervisor. That official's decision on the matter shall be final, and no further appeals will be available.

Faculty Appeals Committee

A&P faculty members do not have access to the Faculty Appeals Committee except in matters concerning promotion and/or tenure denials, as specified in the Faculty Handbook sections on those matters.

Faculty Ombudsperson

The Faculty Ombudsperson is an independent and neutral third party on campus for faculty members with questions, disputes or other concerns.



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