Life Insurance

Eligible employees are covered under the basic group life insurance plan from the first day of employment.

Full-time, permanent, salaried employees and some part-time permanent, salaried employees are eligible for the basic and optional group life insurance.
For basic group life insurance you will need to designate your beneficiaries online through the VRS Website. The beneficiary information should be updated as necessary.
The state will pay your beneficiaries in the order of precedence: spouse, children, parents, executor of estate, next of kin.
To apply for optional life insurance you will need to complete the enrollment application to purchase additional life insurance for yourself, spouse or dependent children.
You can apply for optional life insurance at any time. However, you will be subject to complete an Evidence of Insurability form and undergo the underwriting process for coverage that is not guaranteed.
The employee’s beneficiary for optional group life insurance can be designated online through the VRS website. The employee is the beneficiary for the optional group life insurance for the employee’s spouse and children.
Dependent children can be covered under the optional group life insurance if they are under the age of 21 years old or age 25, if a full-time college student.
You can cover your spouse for up to twice your creditable compensation, not to exceed $400,000.

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