Credit Unions
The university offers two credit unions which you and your family members may join. Both Commonwealth One Federal Credit Union and the Virginia Credit Union, Inc. are full-service financial institutions offering a variety of competitive savings and loan products for JMU employees.  Commonwealth One has a branch conveniently located on campus in Madison Union

Financial Counseling Sessions
Let representatives from these companies help you make financial decisions that are right for you. Schedule an one-on-one appointment today with a consultant to discuss your personal financial situation on a confidential basis. They are available to discuss how to help meet you financial goals with products, such as mutual funds and annuities, or other financial matters you have.

The Virginia State Employee Emergency Fund
The Virginia State Emergency Fund (VSEEF) was launched in 2008 to help Virginia State Employees in need. This fund was created for State employees who are in financial need as a result of an emergency, recent crisis, or death of a loved one.

Grants awarded through the VSEEF are made possible by donations from State employees (CVC Code #3040) through the CVC campaign.

Virginia College Savings Plan
A 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs. The 529 Plan offers tax-advantaged college saving options to assist families and others in achieving their education goals. For further details review the Virginia 529 College Saving Plan website.

Virginia State Employee Loan Program
Virginia State Employee Loan Program (VSELP), a partnership between the Virginia State Employee Assistance Program and the Virginia Credit union, is now offering loans exclusively to state employees. The program links a financial fitness education program with loans of up to $500 for a six-month period. Full-time classified non-probationary state employees who are paid on a monthly or semi-monthly pay schedule are eligible for loans.

If you have questions about financial planning contact a Human Resources Benefits Specialist or email

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