Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP)

 What is the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP)?

VSDP provides income protection if you cannot work because of a non-work related or work-related disability. VSDP focuses on assisting you with your recovery and helping you make a safe return to your full duties, if you are able to do so.

 How much does the program pay me for income replacement?

The replacement income depends on your length of service at the university, but can be 60%, 80% or 100%.  Contact Human Resources to see what amount you qualify for prior to going out on a claim.

 How do I apply for VSDP?

Contact a Benefits Specialist to discuss opening a VSDP claim. At that time, you will discuss your options and have an account created on the LeavePro Self Service Portal with Reed Group, the university’s third party administrator.

Reed Group will manage all new disability claims and existing long term disability claims for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

 Does the university decide if a claim is approved?

No, the approval process is between your doctor and Reed Group, the university’s third party administrator. You will receive an eligibility packet from Reed Group at your home address with the paperwork necessary for Reed Group to manage your claim. This packet will include a release of information form to allow Reed Group to communicate with your doctor about the cause and plan for being absent from work. It is important that your doctor is aware of the importance of communicating with Reed Group as this will affect your income while you are not working.

 Is there a wait period?

There is a seven day (five work day) wait period prior to the start of a claim. Your leave time can be used to cover that time period (i.e. sick leave).

 What is the difference in VSDP and the Family Medical Leave Act?

VSDP is a state program that provides the employee income protection and job protection for up to six months and the Family Medical Leave Act provides job protection only, for up to 12 weeks

 What if my doctor says I can come back to work with restrictions?

Often departments are able to work with an employee on restrictions. You doctor would request specific restrictions and then you, your supervisor, and Human Resources will discuss if the restrictions would work in your department. You will also need to confirm your return-to-work date with Reed Group via the LeavePro Self Service portal.

 How do I end the claim?

When your doctor approves you to return-to-work full-time with no restrictions, your claim will be closed. You must provide your supervisor and/or Human Resources a return-to-work note authorized by your doctor.

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