What is the purpose of the JMU Honor Code test?

The intent of the JMU Honor Code Test is to increase individual student awareness of the JMU Honor Code, the importance of upholding the tenants of the honor code and to understand the Honor Council process and procedures in the case of an Honor Code violation.

 Am I required to take the test?

If you entered JMU in the Fall 2006 semester or thereafter, you are required to take the test.  All incoming undergraduate (first-year and transfer) students and all incoming graduate students must meet this requirement.

 I am a transfer student entering JMU with an Associates Degree. Since all my general education classes are completed, do I have to take this test?

Yes, this test is not associated with the general education curriculum as are some of the first-year test requirements. All incoming students must complete this requirement.

 Where do I take the test?

You may take the online test anytime from any computer on or off-campus.

 What is the deadline for the test?

The deadline for completion of the test is October 1st of your first semester at JMU.

 What is an information hold? How will I know if I have one? How is the hold removed?

An information hold will prohibit you from receiving any official documentation from JMU (transcripts, diplomas).  If a hold is placed on your record because you did not meet the deadline, you will receive an email informing you of the hold placement.  Each time you log into e-campus you see the hold listed under the Holds heading on the main e-campus page.  Click on the link to read the message.  The hold will be removed shortly after you complete the test requirement.

 Who do I contact for technical problems?

Test technical problems: First follow the instructions for allowing pop-ups located on the directions page. If you are still experiencing problems, contact David Yang, yangsx@jmu.edu.

Tutorial technical problems: First, ensure you have a Flash player installed. If you are still experiencing technical problems with the tutorial, contact Grover Saunders, saundebn@jmu.edu.

 How long is the test?

The test is in a multiple-choice format and includes 30-35 questions.  The test does not have a time restriction.

 How can I prepare for the test?

To prepare for the test, do the following:

  • Read the JMU Honor Code and the related information.
  • View the two-part tutorial.  Part 1 of the tutorial runs approximately 5 minutes.  The information covered includes the JMU Honor Code and its importance to you as a JMU student.  Part 2 of the tutorial runs approximately 5 minutes and provides information about the JMU Honor Council process and procedures. You may access the tutorials here.
  • If you have any difficulty understanding the honor code material, you may contact the Honor Council.

 May I view the tutorial while taking the test?

Yes, the tutorial is integrated into the test and you may view the tutorial while taking the test.  Remember, the purpose of this requirement is to educate you about the honor code as much as possible.

 If I am not satisfied with my test score, may I retake the test?

Yes.  However, if you take the test again on the same day, only the first score will upload to the system.  If you decide to retake the test another day, each attempt is uploaded to the student administration system and, therefore, all of your attempts will become part of your record.

 I have been at JMU for the past four years earning my undergraduate degree and am now in the graduate program. Does this requirement apply to me?

Yes.  You are still required to take the test.  All students entering JMU under a new status (second degrees included) are required to complete the requirement.

 I took the test a few weeks ago but still do not see my score in ecampus under the Test Score section. Is there a problem?

This problem generally occurs when a student ID has not been entered properly when logging into the test.  The best resolution is to retake the test ensuring you have correctly entered your student ID.

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