The Honor Council is composed of approximately 100 members including the following:

  • The Honor Council president and vice-president
  • The Honor Council Coordinator
  • Three student investigators
  • Approximately 50 faculty members
  • Approximately 40 undergraduate student representatives
  • Approximately 10 graduate student representatives

The Honor Council was established in 1909 as an early means of student government. In the Fall of 1996, a university task force was assembled to review the current Honor Code and make appropriate changes as necessary to both the code and council. The result of the task force is what comprises the code today.

The Honor Code establishes guidelines that the council follows in the adjudication of alleged honor violations, provides students with a list of their rights with regard to alleged violations, and dictates the course of events when a student is accused of a violation.

The Honor Council is directly responsible to the Honor Advisory Board, a University committee charged with ensuring that the code is properly implemented and maintained. All changes to the Honor Code are made through this body.

Terms of the Honor Council Members

  1. The president, the vice president and the investigators will take office on the date of the May graduation following their election and will serve until the next May graduation.
  2. The faculty members and student representatives will serve for the full academic year following their election, beginning with the start of the fall semester.

Specific Duties of the Honor Council Members

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