General Requirements

Peace Corps Prep Program is interdisciplinary and global, preparing undergraduate students for future experiences in complex international settings: international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service. Students admitted to the program build four core competencies through interrelated coursework, volunteer or work experience, and professional and leadership development.

Training and Experience in Specific Work Sector
Foreign Language Skills
  • Students who want to serve in Spanish-speaking countries (Latin America) must complete two 200-level courses.
  • Students who want to serve in French-speaking countries (West Africa) must complete one 200-level course.
  • Students who want to serve in other countries do not have explicit language requirements.  The JMU Peace Corps Prep program strongly encourages foreign language study.

Note: If you are a strong native speaker of a certain language and would like to serve in a country that speaks the same language, you can skip this requirement!

Intercultural Competence

Take at least one of these core courses:

  • ANTH 195: Cultural Anthropology
  • HON 331/332: Global Studies I & II
  • HUM 252: Global Cultures
  • JUST 235: Justice in a Global Community
  • SCOM 248: Intercultural Communication
  • SCOM 471: Culture and Health Communication
  • EDUC 310: Teaching in Diverse Society
  • EDUC 379: Comparative Intercultural Education

Take two additional electives from the above list of core classes or these:

  • AFST 200: Introduction to Africana Studies
  • ECON 200: Macroeconomics
  • GEOG 200: Geography: The Global Dimension
  • HUMN 201: Introduction to Humanitarian Affairs
  • JUST 223: Social Justice Interventions
  • JUST 301: Indigenous Peoples
  • JUST 301: Restorative Justice
  • JUST 328: Race, Class and Justice
  • JUST 331: Human Rights in Theory and Practice
  • JUST 341: Gender and Justice
  • JUST 385: Disability and Justice
  • POSC: 200: Global Politics
  • SOCI 110: Socal Issues in a Global Context
  • SOCI 140: Microsociology: The Individual in Society
  • WGS 200: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • WRTC 318: Intercultural Professional Communication
  • WRTC 410: Sociolinguistics
  • Any globally-oriented course from one or more of the area studies:

Is there another course in the catalog that you feel meets this requirement? Please discuss it with your PC Prep Coordinator.

Prolonged intercultural experiences—such as studying or volunteering abroad, supporting new immigrants or refugees acculturate to the United States, or volunteering in diverse schools—would also strengthen your Peace Corps candidacy significantly. These prolonged intercultural experiences may qualify to substitute one or both course electives.

If you are interested in learning about abroad opportunities, check out the PC Prep eligible programs being offered through the Study Abroad.

Professional and Leadership Development
  • Have your resume critiqued by the University Career Center staff. You can use a resume drop-in service or schedule an appointment in Handshake.
  • Practice for an interview by attending Practice Interview Event (PIE), scheduling InterviewStream or an appointment in Handshake with University Career Center staff.
  • Develop at least one significant leadership experience and be prepared to discuss it thoughtfully. For example, organizing a campus event, leading a work or volunteer project, or serving on the executive board of a student organization.

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