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International Student Leadership Conference

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ISLC 2017

Theme: Expect the Unexpected

Think about a time in your life when something happened that took you completely by surprise.  Perhaps you turned a corner and came face-to-face with that one thing you most fear.  Or maybe you were having an important discussion about a sensitive subject and feeling really positive about the difficult but respectful dialog that was taking place, when suddenly the fire alarm went off and the discussion ended abruptly and without proper closure.  What about the time when someone or something suddenly showed up for which you were totally unprepared?  How long does it take to regroup and face the challenge when the unexpected happens?  How can we better prepare ourselves and the groups we lead to be prepared to face those challenges? Let’s come together as an ISLC family and find ways to most effectively Expect the Unexpected. 


Global Simulation

The Global Simulation Workshop is a dynamic and innovative learning tool for academic, community, and professional organizations. A direct descendant of Buckminster Fuller’s famous World Game™, the Global Simulation Workshop is an interactive game that builds critical skills, social bonds, and global awareness.

Through thirty years of simulated growth, participants can design a world of their own creation, guided by their own values and principles and shaped by their creativity, backgrounds and perspectives.  No two worlds- or games- are ever alike. While teams strive to develop the infrastructure of their regions or corporations, they are challenged with balancing their own team’s needs and desires versus those of their world as a whole.  A surprise mid-game challenge forces teams to work together for a common goal.  The result is several hours of intense trading, negotiation, creative problem solving, and excitement.

Developed by a team of experienced educators and researchers over the past three decades, the game has been hosted by more than 2,500 educational institutions, organizations, and corporations from over 45 countries around the world.

[Information from o.s.Earth]



Salorne McDonald has agreed to serve as advisor to the ISLC Committee, and as the moderator of the Conference. Many remember Salorne as the 2006 keynote speaker from Trinidad and Tobago who was kind enough to return in 2007 to lead Friday night activities and a workshop, and continues to join us! With Salorne acting as advisor and moderator, we anticipate increased conference cohesion and energy.

Salorne was born in the rural eastern part of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. During his formative years Salorne was involved in youth clubs, debating competitions, and school student councils, which provided rich training for his current work, and helped to develop his gift of gab. Ardent work with the youth of his own nation and others around the world has given him an uncommon understanding of the life and development issues that young people face globally. Becoming involved in HIV and AIDS peer education sparked a special passion with Salorne, whose current position is the Regional Behavior Change Communication Manager with PSI/SFH in Trinidad. Salorne also works with the local YMCA and Trinidad Youth Council, providing education and leadership training to youth in his nation and abroad. A specialist in working with particularly vulnerable populations, he continues to aid in policy development as well as project planning and execution.