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Why attend ISLC?

The International Student Leadership Conference provides a venue to explore leadership in a global context and offers interactive opportunities and sessions for all participants. How do we do this effectively? By creating a friendly and supportive environment for globally-minded college students and staff that attend!

Previous participants have loved their time at ISLC! Here's a few examples of why:

  • "Perfect and engaging! A brilliant bunch of individuals."
  • "This conference rocks!"
  • "Very well organized, very informational, eye opening."
  • "I gained new insight, and met wonderful people."
  • "It is really educational, an entertaining and awesome place for networking."

In addition to learning more about yourself and your own leadership skills and making connections with students at other American universities, you can also build your professional network and demonstrate your competency with our digital credentials.

LinkedIn Alumni Network

Join our ISLC Alumni group on LinkedIn to connect with other participants and share professional and academic opportunites with other globally-minded individuals all across the world! All past participants, whether you attended as a student, staff member, or faculty member, are welcome and encouraged to join.

Digital Completion Credential

We've put together a digital credential through Badgr. Badgr has a free "Backpack" service which allows you to store, organize, and display digital credentials from all kinds of educational and professional issuing entities - including ISLC! Learn more about Badgr and their free Backpack feature here.

Our ISLC badge tells the world that you took the initiative to learn with and from other globally-minded students, develop your leadership skills, and reflect on your next professional and educational steps. Simply put, it can be a great addition to your resume or any other applications in your future.

To receive your badge for ISLC 2021, be sure to complete the post-conference survey emailed to you during our closing session! That survey is anonymous, but upon its completion you'll receive a link where you can provide your email address and indicate your interest in receiving a badge.

It's FUN!

One of the best things our attendees take away from ISLC is that they all have a great time! Click below to see photo galleries from past conferences.

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