We rely on volunteers to provide informative sessions for ISLC. This gives conference attendees a rich experience and a broad array of content from which to learn and enhance their own skills. If you would like to present a session please complete a session proposal today!

Given the virtual nature of ISLC 2021, your presentation would need to be pre-recorded and between 10-20 minutes long. Most presenters found that recording on Zoom with the Share Screen feature on your presentation (if you have one) is the easiest way to do this! We are open to and encourage other modalities as well, such as voice-over PowerPoint presentations or even self-guided content. If there are additional elements, such as worksheets or handouts, please submit those as well so that they can be shared with the conference participants. 

Some previous ISLC sessions have covered a wide array of issues: cross-cultural communication, women in leadership, the importance of relaxation, tools for being an effective student org. exec. member, etc. Think of the skills, experiences, perspectives that you have to bring and offer to others and present them in a creative way. 

In addition to your information as the presenter, we will need the following:

  • Session Title (limit 20 words)
  • Which category best describes your session? 
    • [Critical Skills] - these sessions are meant to provide participates with concrete leadership skills through scenarios, lessons, practices and discussions. Examples of such sessions based on previous years' themes are: Engaging your followers/community, Tips and Tricks for Fundraising, and Tough Decisions 101.
    • [Social Bonds] - these sessions are meant to work on areas which promote social connections with others that build leadership capabilities.
    • [Global Awareness] - these sessions are meant to discuss issues of importance to our global society and can be more informational and/or educational.  The presenter(s) is a scholar or is very experienced in the field of the hot topic that he/she will be presenting. The purpose of this type of sessions is meant for participants to take away some concrete information, and/or to help them lead and advocate for changes in this particular topic. Examples of previous year's sessions are: climate change, humanitarianism, terrorism, gender, elections, civil rights.
  • Brief Session Description:

We look forward to receiving your session proposal form by March 10 and your completed session content by March 22!

Please submit proposals to Marlee Meikrantz Sharp at meikramk@jmu.edu.

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