Study Abroad Financial and Operations Manager
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Boris Escalona was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Miami when he was 13.  He is a graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and East Carolina University with a Master of Science in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality.  In addition, he has been able to travel and study abroad in Japan, China, South Korea, Canada, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.  Boris has been in higher education for more than 16 years and has worked in various academic and student affairs areas.  At Florida International University, Boris worked as a Fiscal Assistant in the Controller's Office and as a Budgeting Coordinator in Counseling and Psychological Services.  Prior to moving to Virginia, Boris was the Senior Accountant for the Division of Information and Technology Services at the University of Central Florida, Fellowship Coordinator and Business Services Coordinator for the Eshelman School of Pharmacy and Campus Recreation at UNC-Chapel Hill.  In addition, he worked at East Carolina University as a Financial Manager with the NC New Teacher Support Program.  Boris has been at James Madison University since 2019, where he worked in The Graduate School as Director of Graduate Student Financial Support.  He is currently working on his Doctoral degree.  Boris enjoys travel, Broadway shows, and classical music.

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