Names are conferred in one of four ways:

  1. Secured through philanthropic investments in support of JMU (e.g., Leeolou Alumni Center, Forbes Center for the Performing Arts, Plecker Athletic Performance Center)
  2. Bestowed to honor extraordinary service to, or valued association with, the University (e.g., Burruss Hall, Cleveland Hall, Dingledine Hall)
  3. Selected to commemorate historic individuals (e.g., Jennings Hall, Wilson Hall)
  4. Established to provide place- or function-based/institutionally relevant namings that could be temporary (e.g., Shenandoah Hall, Student Success Center)

Current policy and practices for the first three naming types are outlined in University Policy 5103 on Naming Opportunities, which says, “The policy’s overarching objectives are to establish and maintain a system to ensure that decisions on naming opportunities are made in a logical, consistent and timely manner; that the requirements, expectations, and desires of all parties are respected; and that naming actions will not detract from the institution’s values, integrity, or reputation.”

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