For 25 years, Alison had been a dedicated JMU alumna. She always took time to share her experiences and knowledge with the geology department, provided many opportunities for active students, and emphasized the importance of research. An endowed student research scholarship was established in Ali’s name by her husband, Michael, and her family.  The scholarship provides funds to outstanding undergraduate scholars conducting research in the fields of Geology and Environmental Science.

Past Awardees

2024: Zach Kupus, Sam Peterman, Victor Petrov, Maria Petrova, Holly Wageley

2023: Joslyn Herold and Kali Neydon

2022: David Hoppe

2021: Joshua Bateman, Emily Marsch, and Jacob Whitlock

2020: Kevin Andrade and Jonathan Jacobson

2019: Lindsey Monito and Amanda Simal

2018: Marissa Dudek and Angel Wood

2017: Michelle Proulx and Michael Stone

2016: Mercer Parker

2015: Julie Nawiesniak and Elle Derwent

2014: Thomas Farrell and April Kelly

2013: Jillian Browning, Tim Kropp, and Kathryn McConahy

2012: Adriane Lam and Michael Bulas

2011: Selina Cole, Timothy Charlton, Meghan Flynn, Casey Marshall, and Gina Cappiello

2009: Christopher Sutherland and Kevin Cabaniss

2008: Laura Robinett

2007: Corey Ramstad

Scholarship Announcement and Application



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