Visiting Assistant Professor

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Ph.D., Arizona State University, focusing on ethnogeology, multicultural education, and karst geology.  Tempe, Arizona
M.S., University of Vermont, focusing on elemental sulfur geochemistry.  Burlington, Vermont
B.S., Universidad Ana G Mendez (formerly known as Universidad Metropolitania), Major in Environmental Sciences, Minor in Marine Biology.  San Juan, Puerto Rico

GEOL 110: Physical Geology
GEOL 110L: Physical Geology Lab
ISCI 104: Scientific Perspectives (Landscapes in the Anthropocene: The Human Contribution to a Fast Changing Planet)
ISCI 171: Earth and Planetary Science for Teachers


  • Ethnogeology.  Geological knowledge that is culturally informed.
  • Karst geology.  Paleoclimate reconstruction of the Shenandoah Valley using stalgmites as proxy.
  • Geoscience education.  Place-based education and multicultural geoscience education.

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