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Professor, Stratigraphy & Paleontology
Year Started at JMU: 1974
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Research Description
  • Interpreting the depositional processes in the Juniata Formation and relating them to the cyclicity described in this formation by Diecchio.
  • Reconstructing Ordovician regional paleogeography in western Virginia and eastern West Virginia.
  • Discovering the effects of a sudden drop in sea level on the distribution of depo-systems in the Foreknobs Formation in the Catskill clastic wedge of Virginia and West Virginia.
  • ISCI 102: Environment Earth
  • GEOL 167: History and Philosophy of the Geosciences
  • GEOL 200: Evolutionary Systems
  • GEOL 230: Evolution of the Earth
  • GEOL 387: Stratigraphy, Structure, and Tectonics
  • GEOL 388: Advanced Stratigraphy, Structure, and Tectonics
  • GEOL 405: Vertebrate Paleontology
  • PhD in Vertebrate Paleontology, 1972, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • MS in Vertebrate Paleontology, 1972, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • BS in Biology/Geology, 1965, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PN
Select Publications
  • Synthesis and Summary of William Perry’s Scheme of Intellectual and Ethical Development
  • Fichter, L.S., and Diecchio, R.J., 2015, A rift-to-drift subsidence accommodation time series (SATS) model, Topical poster session, GSA Baltimore Annual Meeting.
  • Fichter, Lynn S. and Whitmeyer, Steve, 2014, Integrating Structure, Stratigraphy And Tectonics In Undergraduate BA and BS Curricula: GSA oral presentation, Southeast Section, Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Fichter, L. S., Pyle, E. J., & Whitmeyer, S.J. (2010), Strategies and rubrics for teaching chaos and complex systems theories as elaborating, self-organizing, and fractionating evolutionary systems. Journal of Geoscience Education, 58(2), 65-85.

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