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The objective of the Center for Engineering Geoscience and Geohazards in Appalachia (CEGGA) is to provide a collaborative platform to exchange ideas, best practices and promote research on geohazards in Appalachia affecting transportation infrastructure. CEGGA’s main activity is managing and organizing the annual Technical Forum. Depending on availability of research opportunities, CEGGA shall solicit funding for geohazard related research affecting Appalachia. 

Specific topics of interest and goals of CEGGA include:

  • Providing a platform to develop and strengthen innovative methods and technology in engineering geoscience and the assessment and remediation of geohazards in Appalachia
  • Addressing engineering geoscience and geohazard issues in the Appalachian states related to transportation, highways, rivers, rail, and air, as well as geohazards related to infrastructure, energy  and energy transportation, and climate change
  • Promoting the sharing of technical resources and information
  • Providing an electronic medium for the exchange and electronic storage of ideas, experiences, best practices and methodologies
  • Facilitating the development of geologic hazard inventories and to assemble remediation costs
  • Identifying new and innovative technologies/research applicable to transportation projects involving the identification and remediation of geohazards
  • Identifying resources to address geohazards
  • Partnering with other professional organizations to develop communication pathways and outreach
  • Hosting a web portal to provide marketing, technical support through collaboration, registration to the technical forums, history of the group, and previous events and documents.

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