The Department of Geology & Environmental Science renamed its Outstanding Senior Award in honor of emeritus professor Dr. Cullen Sherwood. The award is presented to a graduating Geology or Earth Science major who has demonstrated outstanding academic acheivement. Dr. Sherwood joined the geology faculty of Madison College in 1971. Dr. Sherwood was always highly respected by his students and peers for his instruction at any level, from General Geology and Physical Geology, to Geochemistry, Soils and Engineering Geology.

Past Awardees

2021: Ana Shirley

2020: Madison Gilmore

2019: Logan Mahoney and Ebony Williams

2018: Michelle Proulx

2017: Jacob Gochenour and Ben Suranovic

2016: Caroline Robinson

2015: Thomas Farrell

2014: Olivia McClay

2013: Brittany Sacco

2012: Selina Cole and Kyle Hazelwood

2011: Michael Fertitta

2010: Katherine Jepson

2009: Andrew Hawkins

2008: Lisa DeGrazia and Jessica Yakob

2007: Joseph Bell

2006: Colleen Buzby

2005: Anna Mendez

2004: Kristin Felker Tuong

2003: Crystal Cammarano

2002: Abigail McQueen

2001: Stephen Reynolds

1999: George Bagnall

1998: Jennifer Head Marshall

1997: Mark Tinsley

1996: Heather Shroyer Dowdy and Sandra Talarovich Mueller

1995: Kathy Kieffer Forbes

1994: James Hutton

1993: Roger Decker

1992: Roger Nelson

1991: Jennifer Coper Healey

1990: Daniel Miller

1989: Steven Roberts

1988: Carl Drummond

1987: Elizabeth Tandy

1986: Brian Sherrod

1985: Julie Clay Fichter

1984: Ron Linton

1983: Teresa Brown

1981: Beth Darby Martin

1979: Lucille Kite Price

1978: David Collins and Sarah "Susie" Shomo

1977: Pamela Kempton

1976: J. Steven Kite

1975: J. Phillips, Jr.

1974: John Wright, Jr.

1973: Paul Icke, Jr

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