Mr. Philip Cosminsky was a Harrisonburg resident and a long-time member and supporter of the Geology department and Geology Club. He is often identified in many of the old Department photos. Mr. C was an avid mineral enthusiast and collector. His work in the field placed him in the Micromineralogist Hall of Fame. Today, his micro-mount collection is housed in the JMU mineral collection. The recipient of this award is chosen by the geology faculty members for outstanding service to the deparment and university in both academic and other settings.


2024: Joslyn Herold

2023: Lucien Anderson

2022: Lorelei Dellavedova and Colleen Mulligan

2021: Meaghan Burke

2020: Lindsey Monito and Rachel Patterson

2019: Grant Colip and Ebony Williams

2018: Elizabeth McTaggart

2017: Sarah Anderson

2016: Caryn Martin

2015: Veronica Bohne

2014: Timothy Kropp and Stefanie Paige

2013: Jessica Antos and Meredith Butler

2012: Catherine Patterson

2011: Kevin Cabaniss

2010: Seldon Walker

2009: Andrew Hawkins

2008: Blair Benson

2007: Jessica Errico

2006: Michelle Summa

2005: Amy Jensen and Jacquelyn Hess

2004: Christine Meyer

2003: Mary Sutherland

2002: Kevin Hagie and Scott Meredith

2001: Stephanie Brightwell Coates and Stephen Flora

2000: Stephanie Brightwell Coates

1999: Stephanie Brightwell Coates

1998: Michael Willinger

1997: Rachael Davis

1996: James Baldini

1994: Frederick Scott and Jennifer Eigenbrode

1993: Christina Harris Bicksler

1992: Antoinette Geoly Hudzina

1991: Erin Kenny

1990: Natalie Prince Drummond

1989: John Glover

1988: L. Scott Eaton

1987: D. Glenn Payne

1985: Allison Earl Amram

1983: Paul Holland

1982: Douglas Evans

1981: Lynn Reding Strickland

1980: Douglas Ware

1979: Robert A. Johnson

1978: Sarah "Susie" Shomo

1977: Holly Gideon and Susan Carlton Kite

1976: J. Steven Kite and John Hilten

1975: William Kane

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