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Associate Professor, Spanish
Contact Info

Personal website:

"Spanish in Harrisonburg" 


Keezell 423

Spring 2024 Office Hours:
M/W 11:00-1:00 pm walk ins accepted,
or Zoom by appointment other days


Ph.D. and M.A.  University of Texas at Austin (Hispanic linguistics)


Span 310: Intro to Spanish linguistics
Span 311: Spanish-English Contrastive Linguistics
Span 315: Spanish phonetics
Span 320: Spanish oral and written communication
Span 404: Spanish in the US
Span 448: Spanishes of the world

Research and teaching interests

Sociolinguistics, Experimental Phonetics/Phonology, Prosody and Intonation,

Language variation and change, Research Methods, Language Ideology, Dialectology


Lang-Rigal, Jennifer (2020). “Prosody perception meets language attitudes: Vowel lengthening, status judgments, and stereotypes in Argentina.” In T. Bugel and C. Montes-Alcalá (eds.) New Approaches to Language attitudes in the Hispanic and Lusophone World, Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 25, pp. 12-38. John Benjamins.  

Lang-Rigal, Jennifer & Galerreta-Aima, Diana. (November 2019). “Improving students’ confidence in speaking a second language: Using TalkAbroad [videoconference with native speakers] in Spanish courses”, 12th Annual International Conference on Education, Research, and Innovation (ICERI2019), Sevilla, Spain.    

Lang-Rigal, J. (2015). “La percepción del habla de Córdoba, Argentina: Una prueba que combina las actitudes con la identificación de dialecto.”  Signo y Seña, 28, pp. 111-138. Buenos Aires: Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UBA.

Lang-Rigal, J. (2015). “Regional Variation in the Devoicing of the Alveopalatal Fricative in Argentina”.  Estudios de Fonética Experimental XXIV, by Celdrán, Eugenio Martínez (Ed.), Universitat de Barcelona.

Lang-Rigal, J. (2015) “Dialect identification and listener attributes: Do you hear la tonada?”. Hispanic Linguistics at the Crossroads: Theoretical linguistics, language acquisition and language contact. Proceedings of the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 2013 [Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 4], by Klassen, Rachel, Juana M. Liceras and Elena Valenzuela (eds.), pp. 269–292. 

Lang-Rigal, Jennifer. 2011. Perception of Narrow Focus Prosody in Buenos Aires Spanish. In Selected Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Laboratory Approaches to Romance Phonology, ed. Scott M. Alvord, 118-126. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.

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