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Why should you study a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language does more than give you ability to say foreign words; it may make you smarter and better!

Our program is designed to teach you how to speak and read one or more foreign languages, as well as help you understand the cultures and literatures of other countries.

The department offers B.A.s and minors in Modern Foreign Languages with a concentration in Arabic, French, German, Italian or Spanish, as well as minors in Chinese and Russian. It provides two years of instruction in Ancient Greek, Japanese (plus Japanese 300 and 320), Korean, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, and Swahili (plus Swahilli 300 and 320.)

If you have questions about a specific language, please speak with that language's contact person.

October - November 2017: Diversitalia Film Festival



  • Oct 29: Diversitalia Film Festival: The Mafia Kills Only in Summer
  • Oct 30: Diversitalia Film Festival: At War with Love
  • Nov 1: Foreign Language Open House
  • Nov 2: Foreign Language Open House
  • Nov 6: Lecture: "Russian-American Relations in the Trump-Putin Era: How Did We Get Here?"
  • Nov 15: Chinese Movie Screening: Going Home
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