Learning a foreign language does more than give you the ability to speak another language. Our program is designed to teach you how to speak and read one or more foreign languages, as well as help you understand the cultures and literatures of other countries. Cultural competency is one of the most requested qualities in the workforce and all of our classes address topics of diversity so that our students feel confident speaking and advocating for our different cultures on and off campus. See more reasons why our academic programs can help you prepare to be a global citizen improving your understanding of the world.

Major Concentrations
Minor Concentrations
Professional Minors
Interdisciplinary Minors

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If you have questions about a specific language or program, we invite you to speak with that language's contact person.

Arabic:  Dr. Aram Shahin shahinax@jmu.edu 
French: Dr. Peter Eubanks eubankpj@jmu.edu 
German: Dr. Holly Yanacek yanaceha@jmu.edu 
Italian: Dr. Giulia Cardillo cardilgx@jmu.edu 
Spanish: Dr. Jose Ignacio Barrio Olano barrioji@jmu.edu 

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