Learning a foreign language does more than give you the ability to say foreign words; it may make you smarter and better!   Our program is designed to teach you how to speak and read one or more foreign languages, as well as help you understand the cultures and literatures of other countries.

A degree in Modern Foreign Languages opens the doors to many careers in translation, interpretation, Government, the Foreign Service and more.  Adding a secondary MOFL major or a minor can give a boost to your first major’s career prospects as well as increase your understanding of the world. 

Major Concentrations
Minor Concentrations

Professional Minors
Business French
Business German
Business Italian
Business Spanish
Legal Spanish
Medical Spanish
Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation
Teaching Licensure
PreK-12 Teaching Licensure in French, German, Italian or Spanish

Click here for information on how to declare a major or minor

If you have questions about a specific language or program, we invite you to speak with that language's contact person.

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