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Frequently Asked Questions


How much credit can I earn through ENG 294? What are the requirements?
The list of requirements for the course can be found here. By taking ENG 294, you can earn anywhere from 1 to 3 academic credits toward their B.A. degree. Please note that the course does not count toward your English major requirements.

How do I find an internship?
Follow the steps listed under how do I sign up?, and check out the guidelines and resources found under Careers in English, Finding and Getting an Internship, and the FAQ page.

I've been offered an internship position. How and when should I set it up for academic credit?
As soon as you have been an offered an internship, you should fill out this application form and deliver this form to the Director of Internships and Undergraduate Research to apply for approval. Please note that you must apply for approval to enroll in ENG 294 before starting your internship.

Is ENG 294 offered every semester? Is the cost included in my regular semester tuition?
ENG 294 is offered in the fall, spring, or summer, but it is included in your regular semester tuition during the fall and spring only. Usually, students register for and complete the academic component of ENG 294 concurrently with their internship. However, summer interns may wish to register for and complete the academic components of ENG 294 during the fall immediately following their internship. Students who register for ENG 294 in the summer will be billed at the summer credit hour rate. Either way, you must apply for approval to enroll in ENG 294 before starting your internship.

Does JMU offer any financial support available to pursue unpaid summer internships?
CAP now offers scholarships of up to $5000 for JMU students working in an unpaid summer internship, on the condition that they are enrolled in ENG 294 or IDLS 486 concurrently with their internship (i.e. during the summer session).

Can I do an internship absolutely anywhere in the US?
Because of changing state and federal legislation, no student may complete an internship for academic credit in a state that is not a member of SARA.

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