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Associate Professor
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Office: Keezell 407

Courses taught:
ENG 235: Survey of British Literature
Eng 321: Eighteenth-Century British Prose & Poetry
ENG 322: Restoration and Eighteenth Century British Dama
Eng 323: Eighteenth-Century British Novel 
Eng 412: Gender & Sexuality in 18th-century British Literature
ENG 630: Queering 18th-Century British Literature
Eng 640: Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Specialization and interests: 
Eighteenth-Century British Drama and Fiction, Women's Fiction, Queer Studies, Gender Studies, Gender and sexuality issues; violence by and against women; widow-figures and other female outliers in 18th-century British literature

Ph.D., University of Connecticut
M.A., University of Connecticut
MSSW, University of Texas-Austin
B.A., Trinity University-San Antonio, TX

"'Under a Petticoat': Excess Femininity and Lesbian Desire on the Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Stage," Journal of Eighteenth-Century Studies 36.2 (2013).

"Enlightened Female Homoeroticism and Social Transformation in Trotter's Agnes de Castro." Restoration 37.1 (Spring 2013).

“Dueling Discourses: The Erotics of Female Friendship in Mary Pix’s Queen Catharine.” Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture 32.1 (Spring 2008).

Current Research:
“`Fiercest Transports’: (Homo)Erotic Excess and the Fem(me)inized Tribade on the Restoration Stage,” article in progress

“`Tacit Agreement’: Male Violence and Female Complicity in Burney’s Fiction,” article in progress

Conference Presentations:
"Ending Madly: Narrative Heterotopia as Social Critique in Burney’s Cecilia,” American Scholars of Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) Annual Conference, March 2014, Williamsburg, VA.

“Authentically Human: Universalist Humanism and the Harlem Renaissance,” Futures of American Studies Institute, Dartmouth College, June 2011.

“The Queerest Virgin Alive: Catharine Trotter’s Agnes de Castro,” The American Society of Eighteenth-Century Scholars Annual Conference, March, 2010, Albuquerque, NM.

“Particularity, Universality and the Problem of Plagiarism,” College English Association—Caribbean Chapter (CEA—CC) Annual Spring Conference, University of Puerto Rico—Arecibo, March 2008.

“Sapphic Legacies: Fem(me)inizing the Tribade on the Restoration Stage.” Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, February 2008, Auburn, AL.

“Dressing Up to Undress: Lesbian Desire on the Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Stage” 38th Annual American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, March 2007, Atlanta, GA.

“Teaching or Preaching: Overcoming Resistance to Gender and Feminism in the Classroom” Roundtable Facilitator; American Women in Psychology Annual Conference, March 2007, San Francisco, CA.

“`Tacit Agreement’: Male Violence and Female Complicity in Frances Burney’s Evelina.” Women and Society Annual Conference, November 2006, Poughkeepsie, NY.

“Dueling Discourses:  The Erotics of Female Friendship in Mary Pix and Catharine Trotter” Mid-West American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Conference, October 2006, Minneapolis, MN.

“False Prophet: Stephen Gordon and The Well of Loneliness” University of Connecticut Women’s Studies Conference, April 2002, Storrs, CT.

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