The Creative Writing Minor Program

The cross disciplinary minor in creative writing is designed to encourage students to develop their writing talents across a number of literary forms and communication contexts.  Course offerings in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, scriptwriting, screen and playwriting give students the opportunity to shape the minor to suit a variety of artistic interests and professional objectives.

Core Workshop Courses
Select 4 or 5 courses from two or more different departments (12-15 credit hours):

ENG 391: Introduction to Creative Writing – Nonfiction

ENG 392: Introduction to Creative Writing – Poetry

ENG 393: Introduction to Creative Writing – Fiction

ENG 493:  Advanced Creative Nonfiction

ENG 494:  Advanced Poetry Writing

ENG 495:  Advanced Fiction Writing

SMAD 250: Scriptwriting

SMAD 251: Screenplay Writing

SMAD 311:  Feature Writing

SMAD 340: Advanced Screenplay Writing

SMAD 498: Senior Seminar (when topic is appropriate)

THEA 347: Playwriting (cross-listed ENG 347)

THEA 440: Seminar in Theatre (when topic is appropriate)

THEA 447: Advanced Playwriting

Support Courses
Select 1 or 2 courses from the following (3-6 credit hours):

ENG 390: The Environmental Imagination

ENG 483: Narrative Form

ENG 484:  Poetic Craft and Creativity

ENG 496: Advanced Topics in Creative Writing (may be taken more than once if different topic)

SMAD 373: Media Analysis and Criticism

SMAD 463: Film Adaptations

THEA 481: Theory and Performance Studies

Total Credit Hours (18 Required)

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