About Creative Writing at JMU

The written word has been a powerful tool used by many to convey different thoughts and feelings. The core study of Creative Writing at James Madison University allows for students to convey their ideas and sentiments through various genres. From fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplay writing, and numerous other genres, students can craft and develop their writing techniques in our program. Creative Writing can connect, question, and allow us to reflect in the ever-changing world around us.

Our Mission

Our mission in the Creative Writing program is to prepare students to be able to convey emotions and messages through language and the written word. The true meaning behind creation is a powerful link between human experiences and feelings. In Creative Writing, we develop our students to be able to craft their unique skills and approaches to writing. We pride our students in their ability to compose and create while exploring what it means to convey meaningful messages.

Why did you choose Creative Writing?

Jackie Phillips"I chose Creative Writing because I genuinely enjoy it as a way to express myself. It will also benefit me in my career path since my major is Media Arts and Design; with a Creative Advertising Concentration. That way, if I decide to go down the copywriting or social media path, I have a larger background in writing and storytelling through words."

- Jackie Phillips, Senior Creative Writing Minor

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