For JMU Employee Dependants

Classified Employee Scholarship (25308) - This endowed scholarship was established by the JMU Foundation for students of classified employees.  Applicants must be children of a full-time classified employee. Eligible students will be receive additional information via their email accounts. Please encourage your child to apply by filling out the form and returning it. Contact the Financial Aid office for additional information.

Administration and Finance Scholarship (25348) -Through this Endowed Scholarship, funds will be provided annually to outstanding students, including both students entering college for the first time and students already enrolled in college. Applications and nominations for this scholarship may be submitted at any time during the year by individuals employed by James Madison University within its Division of Administration and Finance. All nominations shall be considered during the annual review process coordinated by the Division's Scholarship Committee. The appointment of a student as a Division for Administration & Finance Scholar shall follow the Division's guidelines for the recommendation of student scholars and the University's guidelines for the awarding of scholarships; provided, however, that the following specific conditions are here noted: The first preference shall be students who are family members of employees in the Division of Administration & Finance, at the date of application or nomination. For more information, please contact Jini Cook

Stuart Hall School Scholarship - Students enrolled in grades K - 12 at SHS who are children of full-time JMU faculty and staff will receive a 25% tuition discount. For more information download the brochure at

If you would like to give to these scholarships, visit the Employee Giving site and use the number in parenthesis to indicate the scholarship of your choice.


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