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James Madison University provides a variety of resources for faculty and staff to utilize as they navigate the campus community.  The Office of Access & Inclusion seeks to pull together a list of these resources that can be easily accessed here.  If you are aware of other resources that will benefit the diverse needs of the JMU faculty and staff, please submit a link to us at diversity@jmu.edu 

ALANA Network

The ALANA Network draws its name from African, Latino, Asian and Native American and serves as a network offering professional support and fosters a sense of community among multicultural faculty and staff. The Office of Access & Inclusion sponsors a meet and greet reception each fall welcoming the new multicultural faculty and staff into the JMU community.

Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI)

The Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI) provides comprehensive professional development opportunities for JMU instructional faculty at all levels and stages of their careers.  CFI initiatives are designed to enhance academic culture and support innovations in teaching, scholarship, and career development. Please visit their site for a comprehensive overview of their available services. Visit their Website.

Diversity Resource Bank for Psychology Instructors


Faculty Senate

The function of the Faculty Senate is to represent the faculty in the consideration of all policies that affect the academic climate and direction of the institution.  The Faculty Senate seeks to create, maintain and protect a university environment conductive to the growth of scholarship, learning, teaching, research, service, and respect for human dignity and rights.  Visit their Website.

Fulbright Scholars

In collaboration with the Office for International Programs (OIP) and the Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI), the Office of Access & Inclusion embraces all Fulbright programs as critical to enhancing academic excellence, inclusion and diversity at JMU. For complete information on Fulbright Scholars, visit the CFI Website.

Grants & Awards

Faculty Senate Mini Grants https://www.jmu.edu/facultysenate/minigrants/index.shtml

Innovative Diversity Efforts Awards https://www.jmu.edu/diversity/programs-and-events/idea.shtml

Provost Faculty Diversity Curriculum Recruitment https://www.jmu.edu/academic-affairs/diversity/index.shtml

Instructional Faculty Recruitment, Hiring & Retention


International Faculty and Staff Listserv and Group

The Center for Global Engagement helps organize regular happy hour and dinner potluck events for international faculty, staff, and researchers to which all members of the JMU community are welcome. The goal is to provide informal networking opportunities that include international members of the JMU community. Events are organized through an email listserv; to join, please contact Edward Muldoon,  https://www.jmu.edu/global/all-staff/muldoon-ed.shtml


JMU Human Resources

The James Madison University Human Resources departmental site provides detailed information including employment, benefits and HR services. 

 To find your HR specialist go to <https://www.jmu.edu/humanresources/search.shtml

Link to our Diversity Advertising webpage: 

 Visit their Website.


JMU Institutional Research - Statistical Summaries

Since the first issue in 1973, the Statistical Summary has been updated annually to incorporate the latest information concerning the students, faculty, programs, finances, and facilities of James Madison University. Data has been gleaned from numerous sources to provide a valuable reference to the university community and beyond. These sources include datasets and reports prepared for state and federal government agencies, reports submitted to private organizations, internal reports produced by university offices, and summaries that were prepared especially for the Statistical Summary. Listed below are the years available on the web, these years in addition to the prior years are available in hard copy in Carrier Library.  Visit their Website.

JMU Research and Scholarship

By utilizing the combination of outstanding students and faculty with focused strategic alliances, the Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS) builds collaborative relationships that enhance the scholarly pursuits of our campus community and expands connectivity with external audiences. JMU Research and Scholarship utilizes an interdisciplinary and applied approach, in order to facilitate the engagement of faculty, staff and students to develop solutions to real-world problems.  Visit their Website.

JMU Talent Development

James Madison University is committed to providing professional development opportunities for all JMU community members. 

JMU Talent Development focuses on learning areas which help each of us reach our own potential as well as work effectively with others. By accessing the links on this page you will find a wide variety of professional development opportunities which are provided free of charge to JMU AP faculty, classified staff and wage employees.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to pursue professional development utilizing internal and external resources. Please let the JMU Talent Development staff know how we can assist you in your personal, professional and departmental development needs.  Visit their Website.

LGBTQ Employee Group

Do you consider yourself a member or ally of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) community? Are you an employee at James Madison University? Please consider joining the JMU LGBTQ Employee Group! Current interests and activities include benefits advocacy, data collection, and social events. More ideas and energy are welcome.  Visit their Website.

The Madison Hispanic Caucus

The Madison Hispanic Caucus at James Madison University is an organization whose purpose is to be an advocate for Latino issues in higher education, including the educational welfare and advancement of Latinos/as at our University. Our goals are to cultivate a supportive and inclusive community on campus, promote social and cultural dimensions of Latino topics as related to education and well-being, and encourage a vibrant engagement with the diversity of Latino cultures.

See more at https://www.jmu.edu/mhc/

Madison Caucus on Gender Equality

The Madison Caucus for Gender Equality updates the historic Faculty Women’s Caucus that was initiated in 1973 to address discrimination against women in the JMU workplace. The caucus reaches out to all professional women and men on campus, understanding that gender based workplace bias affects not only women but men and families as well. In the 2011-2012 academic year, dedicated JMU citizens gathered to discuss how we might continue the activism of the original caucus in the 21st century. We have revised our constitution, updated our name, and identified goals and activities to guide us. Please consider joining the Madison Caucus for Gender Equality; there is plenty of work and good community to be shared.  Visit their Website.

Sisters in Session

Sisters in Session is an organization dedicated to the support of Women from African/Africana and Black decent as they navigate and traverse academic and higher education at James Madison University. The organization was formed during the 2015 JMU Diversity Conference.  We held our first conference this past academic year, November 2015.   Our second annual conference will be held this fall on Thursday and Friday, October 13-14, 2016.  

Website: Sisters in Session:  


Conference  https://www.facebook.com/sisjmu/

Contact: Ms. Esther Nizer nizerem@jmu.edu



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