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As a result of the 2012-2013 Diversity Task Force report, several initiatives for faculty, staff and students are being considered.  Updates will be posted here.

Preview PDF copy of the 2013-14 Diversity Task Force Initiatives here.

Diversity Task Force Initiatives for 2013-2014


1.    Expansion and Support of the Intergroup Dialogue Program: (Art Dean)

  • Create steering committee comprised of faculty and staff members:
  • Establish the committee’s Five Focus areas: (Structure, Capacity/Training, Curriculum, Branding and Marketing and Assessment).
  • Develop a new strategic plan (completed by spring 2014).


2.    HR/Search Committee: (James Robinson and Diane Yerian)  

  • Develop standards and best practices for recruitment, selection, hiring and mentoring of new faculty and staff.
  • Create training for Chairs of search committee (timing and content).
  • Develop exit interviews best practices.
  • Make recommendations of the resources needed in HR for a university advertising plan for positions (not determined by each department).
  • Establish a Committee to develop this information composed of Diane Yerian, James Robinson, Jack Knight Jennifer Kester, Casey Carter and Michael Stoloff.
  • Submit Recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team in spring 2014.


3.    Communication and Marketing: (Andy Perrine and Art Dean)   

  • Create partnership with University Marketing (Andy Perrine) and the Special Assistants to the President for Diversity.
  • Develop University standards/suggestions for print and web promotion of Diversity. (Proper images for aspirational and current status).


4.    Diversity Council Chairs:(David Owusu-Ansah and Art Dean)

  • Work with each VP to determine the appropriate representation on the Diversity Councils. 
  • Assist with the formalization, purpose and mission of each diversity council.


5.    Area Studies: (Dr. AJ Morey and Provost’s Diversity Advisory Committee, “PDAC”)

  • Dr. AJ Morey is chairing the PDAC to do the following:
    • Review Area study minors that could be moved into majors.
    • Review vibrancy of our current minors.
    • Review the marketing of our current majors/minors that offer content/pedagogy around diverse topics/interests.
    • Research curricular opportunities to respond to needs within the Commonwealth of Virginia (ex. provide a Major in Latino Studies).
  • Add a member of the Faculty Senate to the PDAC.
  • Casey Carter from the Diversity Task Force will also join the PDAC.
  • PDAC will report back to the Provost May 2014.

6.    Curriculum Conversations: (David Owusu-Ansah, Bob Kolvoord, and PDAC)

  • Dr. David Owusu-Ansah will have ongoing conversations with CFI about the creation of workshops on how to enhance diversity content in the curriculum.
  • Recommendations will be forwarded to PDAC.


7.    Expansion and Elevation of Diversity Resources: (Christie Liu and Art Dean)

  • Develop a list of resources to be added to the Library’s collection for faculty to access for teaching and scholarship.
  • Develop ways to promote these resources created by JMU Libraries in CFI, CIT and academic units and departments.
  • Create a process for faculty to submit new recommendations to the Libraries and Educational Technologies.
  • Promote the existing websites located in CFI and L&ET that provide support for scholarship and teaching.


8.    Provost Diversity Scholarship Excellence Award:  (Bob Kolvoord, David Owusu-Ansah and the Provost Leadership Team)

  • Provide a modest amount of money to support a Provost’s Award for Diversity Scholarship.  This would encourage diversity scholarship among faculty and raise the profile of diversity scholarship on campus.  Those selected would receive a $1,000 stipend and be required to present their work during the next Noftsinger Celebration of Madison Scholarship. (Provost’s Leadership Team).


9.    Diversity Scholarship Capacity Building Grant:  (Bob Kolvoord, David Owusu-Ansah and the Provost Leadership Team)

  • Establish capacity building grants for Instructional and AP Faculty to create networks of JMU and external researchers to pursue diversity related scholarship.


10.   Classified Staff Apprenticeship Program: (Rick Larson and James Robinson)

  • Review the model developed in Facilities Management and Public Safety to determine if the program can be replicated in other divisions.


11.   JMU Research Scholars Program:  (Bob Kolvoord, David Owusu-Ansah, Art Dean and the Provost Leadership Team)

  • Explore the creation of a JMU Scholars Program designed to prepare under-represented undergraduate students for careers in the professorate at JMU and other institutions. 
  • Review and explore the ability to leverage JMU and state institutional relationships to create access.

12.  Accessibility: (James Robinson, Art Dean, Towana Moore, Valerie Schoolcraft, and Casey Carter)

  • Ensure information and resources are available to all constituents of the University (website, new employee orientation, key access points).
  • Establish and maintain accommodations and support for faculty, staff, students, and the broader JMU community including visitors and guests.  
  • Conduct a review of buildings, accessible entry points to the University and develop a plan to determine the high priority areas, the cost and a timeframe to continue upgrading the accessibility of the campus.


13.  Training: (Bob Kolvoord, Art Dean, David Owusu-Ansah, Jennifer Campfield, Carol Hurney, and Valarie Ghant)

  • Develop peer to peer student trainers.
  • Develop a team of faculty/staff trainers for all types of diversity workshops.
  • Coordinate workshops and training opportunities through Center for Faculty Innovation and Training and Development with a goal of creating sustainable and coordinated opportunities in advancing all efforts/aspects of diversity.


14.  Partnerships with school districts and organizations: (Donna Harper, David Owusu-Ansah, Michael Walsh, Art Dean, and Bob Kolvoord)

  • Research and build connections with Commonwealth programs that serve large numbers of low SES and first-generation students.
  • Connect with JMU alumni involved in these efforts.


15. International Programs: (Bob Kolvoord, David Owusu-Ansah and the Office of International Programs)

  • Expand the Fulbright and International Scholars program.
  • Assess transitions, academic persistence and scholarships for international students.


16. General education:  (Bob Kolvoord, David Owusu-Ansah, PDAC and University Studies)

  • Continue to review and enhance diversity in the curriculum.
  • Determine what resources and support are needed to continue to enhance diversity within General Education.


17.  GLBTQ:  (James Robinson, Art Dean, Rob Alexander and Beau Dooley)  

  • Continue conversation with students, faculty and staff to reinforce current support and determine needs and resources for additional support.


18.  Expansion of the Diversity Conference Local Partnership: (James Robinson and Art Dean)

  • Explore partnerships within our local community; (eg. Merck, Miller Coors, Local School systems, Bridgewater, EMU and BRCC). 

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