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Program History:

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) concept dates back to the respective conversations of the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AACU) and American Council on Education (ACE) in the early 1990s of the need to provide teaching opportunities to doctoral candidates prior to the completion of the dissertation and also to create opportunities to attract more minority candidates to the teaching profession.  James Madison University (JMU) adopted the PFF concept a decade later and has since established partnership with Howard University and Morgan State University.

On the average, a total of four (4) dissertation-year doctoral candidates from our partner institutions receive fellowships to participate in the JMU PFF experience.

Affiliate Universities:

Howard University

Morgan State University

Program Objectives:

The PFF program is consistent with JMU institutional objectives that seek to promote access, inclusion and diversity that are foundational for the provision of outstanding education.  The PFF program is mutually beneficial to all participants.  It provides mentorship to PFF fellow, contributes to the atmosphere of inclusivity at participating academic units, brings new perspectives to students and establishes connections between our partner-HBCUs and JMU.

Mentoring Expectations:

  •  Faculty members in the area of specialization mentor PFF fellows.
  • Academic/Research mentors may act as external examiners of PFF fellows’ dissertations.
  • The academic department provides teaching mentorships.
  • JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies provide access to research support.
  • Center for Faculty Innovations (CFI) provides professional development opportunities.

Benefits to JMU:

  • PFF fellows add diversity to participating academic departments, the colleges, and the university.
  • PFF fellows expose our student to scholars who are trained at universities that have different historic missions.
  • JMU faculty members are positioned to understand and appreciate the quality and value of education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  • The program provides an opportunity for faculty-to-faculty exchanges and partnerships.
  • When PFF fellows and faculty from HBCUs are internationals, additional value is experienced—often providing more global perspectives.
  • The partnerships provide opportunities for JMU graduate programs to attract an increased pool of diverse graduate candidates.
  • The partnerships provide opportunities for JMU programs to increase the pool of diverse faculty applicants.

Benefits to PFF Fellows:

  • Fellows have the opportunity to focus on dissertation completion.
  • Fellows receive dissertation support.
  • Fellows have access to JMU’s extensive library collection as well as interlibrary loans.
  • Fellows are mentored by departmental faculty and participate in department and division meetings along with full-time faculty.
  • Fellows participate in new faculty orientation and are exposed to faculty tenure and promotion guidelines and procedures.
  • Fellows are acclimated to the university setting prior to entrance to the profession.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to enhance their curriculum vitas.
  • Fellows can collaborate with colleagues who have similar research interests.
  • Fellows have an opportunity to teach in their content areas.
  • Fellows can participate in professional development seminars offered through the Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI).
  • Fellows can engage in departmental, college, university, community, and global initiatives that are advanced at JMU.

Former PFF Fellows:

All former PFF fellows, an average of four (4) PFFs annually, completed their doctoral degrees and have taken faculty positions throughout the United States.

Previous PFF Fellows

2009-2010 Academic Year

Godfrey Vincent (Morgan State University)- History at JMU

Chevon Garrah (Howard University)- School of Media Arts (SMAD) fall semester


Adam Kline (Howard University) – SMAD at JMU (spring semester)


John Johnson (Howard University- - Math and Statistics at JMU

Gwinyai Muzorewa (Morgan State University) – History at JMU

Jayne Cabbage (Howard University) – SMAD at JMU


Yvette White (Howard University) – English at JMU

Marcus Allen (Morgan State University – History at JMU (2011-2013)

Jemimah Mwakisha (SUNY Binghamton) – Communication Studies (SCOM)


Andre Nicholson (Howard University) – SMAD at JMU

Tyechia Thompson (Howard University) – English at JMU

Nicole Cathey (Howard University) – Political Science

Jemimah Mwakisha (SUNY Binghamton) – SMAD (2012-2013)

Barbara Franklin (Morgan State University) – Math Ed (2012-13)


Barbara Franklin (Morgan State University) – Math Ed (2013-2014)

Uchenna Onuzulike (Howard University) – SMAD

Lynn Washington (Morgan Stare University) – English (Postdoctoral)

Candice Pitts (Howard University) – English

Anta Sane (Howard University) – Political Science


Barbara Franklin (Morgan State University) – Postdoctoral Fellow - Math Education

Saidat Ilo (Howard University) – Political Science

Tareq Zidan (Howard University) – Social Work (SOWK)

Dana Hammond (Morgan State) – History

Maleka Brown (Howard University) – Undergraduate Psychology


Barbara Franklin (Morgan State University) – Postdoctoral Fellow - Math Education

Genesis Alberto (Howard University) - Mathematics & Statistics

Shaunte Montgomery (Howard University) - English

Bridgette Robinson (Morgan State University) - History

Maleka Brown (Howard University) - Undergraduate Psychology


Barbara Franklin (Morgan State University) - Postdoctoral Fellow - Math Education

Bridgette Robinson (Morgan State University) - History

Shaneda Destine (Howard University) - Sociology

K. Lynn Tice (Howard University) - Political Science


Kenisha Ford (Howard University)- Physics

K. Lynn Trice (Howard University) - Political Science

Liseli Fitzpatrick (Howard University)-Philosophy & Religion

Zaakira Sadrud-Din (Morgan State University) - History

Barbara Franklin (Morgan State University) - Postdoctoral Fellow - Math Education

 Dr. Alice Thomas (Howard University)- Sociology - PFF/General Education Visiting Faculty

Additional Information:

For additional information, please contact Dr. David Owusu-Ansah,

Professor of History & Executive Director, Faculty Access and Inclusion, at

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