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Presented by Dr. Joanne Braxton, Professor Emerita at William and Mary, “Cultivating Contemplative Practice for Social Justice Leadership,” is a half-day retreat for those interested in grounding themselves for giving the best they have to give in an uncertain world. This workshop will feature sitting and walking meditation and incorporate other aspects of moral resiliency training towards the prevention of burnout by asking questions such as;

  • How can reflection and contemplation transform that experience of moral stress, distress or injury once we have named it?
  • How do we preserve or restore our integrity when it has been threatened?

Using case studies and personal experience, we will name where we find ourselves on the continuum of moral anguish and moral suffering. After naming our present condition and where we find ourselves, we can then begin to learn to transform it

In this immersive, experiential setting, participants will learn contemplative practices and other forms of exploration and meaning-making that realistically support the building of moral resilience. Those who learn these skills and techniques will able to use them for their own well-being and apply them to their care of others.

*** Please note there is a separate registration for this workshop ***

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