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Corporate Funding Might Be Right for You

Companies engage with academic institutions that advance their business goals, whether in the area of employee recruitment and training, research and development, philanthropy, or brand awareness.

CFR can partner with you to plan your corporate engagement and solicitation strategy, specifically:

  • Identifying potential corporate partners for your project
  • Providing context on JMU’s relationship and history with a particular corporation*
  • Planning a corporate outreach strategy and arranging meetings and visits to campus for corporate representatives
  • Offering resources on soliciting charitable sponsorships and charitable gifts
  • Preparing proposals that will resonate with corporate funders 
IMPORTANT: Before You Move Forward

*Priority Corporations

Corporations often prefer to have holistic partnerships with universities, and JMU has many such relationships with companies across the country. This does not preclude you from seeking project funding from them, of course; you will, however, need to consider this in your funding strategy. To help you with this and to keep our relationships on good footing, please contact our office if you intend to pursue funding from any of these companies. 

See a List of Priority Corporations.

Limited Submission Opportunities

Limited submission opportunities (LSOs) are grant opportunities for which JMU can put forward only a limited number of proposals (usually a single application). CFR partners with the Office of Sponsored Programs to administer the LSO process for foundation and corporate funders. A university committee selects the most competitive proposal(s) to submit to the funder.

See a current list of LSOs.


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