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At James Madison University, CFR connects our campus colleagues with private (non-governmental) philanthropic organizations. Through mutually rewarding collaboration and funding opportunities, we help establish relationships among university academics, leaders, and a wide range of local and national corporations and foundations.

In addition to deep understanding of the university’s institutional needs for expendable and endowed student scholarships, endowed faculty positions, and capital projects, our expertise covers JMU’s teaching, research, and public service. This ensures the CFR team can direct prospective partners to opportunities that align with their research and philanthropic objectives.

We collaborate with JMU leaders, faculty and staff to:

  • Identify funding opportunities
  • Facilitate meaningful, productive conversations with company representatives
  • Develop competitive gift and grant proposals
  • Navigate JMU’s internal grant processes

We work with representatives of corporations to:

  • Find where company values and mission intersect with university initiatives and priorities
  • Establish strategic partnerships with members of the faculty and staff
  • Create brand awareness among students in related fields
  • Develop a skilled, diverse workforce

We work with program officers of private foundations to:

  • Deliver grant proposals from JMU that align with the purpose and funding priorities of the potential grantor
  • Ensure that the grantors procedures and protocols are followed carefully 
  • Provide all reporting deliverables according to the agreement

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