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Lindsey A. Harvell-Bowman (B.G.S., University of Kansas; M.A., Wichita State University; Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) is an associate professor in the advocacy concentration and an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Psychology. Dr. Harvell-Bowman is primarily interested in using death awareness as a means to enhance persuasive messages. As an existential psychologist, Dr. Harvell-Bowman’s research is centered around Terror Management Theory, a psychological theory focusing on the psychological effects of thinking about death. Dr. Harvell-Bowman leads a Terror Management Lab (aka Death Lab) that is housed in the Department of Psychology and that includes undergraduate and graduate students in SCOM and Psychology. For more information on the Terror Management Lab, visit

Some of the projects the lab has undertaken are suicidality, social death, and death in election messaging. In addition, Dr. Harvell-Bowman's secondary research area is political communication where she has mainly focused on advertising effects. She also conducts research for airports (most recently Las Vegas McCarran International), investigating flight anxiety and death awareness, and how these phenomena affect flyers' consumerism behavior and general wellbeing.

Dr. Harvell-Bowman's research can be seen in Health Communication, Communication Methods & Measures, Journal of Communication and Religion, European Journal of Geography, and Iowa Journal of Communication. Additionally, Dr. Harvell-Bowman has a book entitled, Denying Death: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Terror Management Theory, released in 2016 by Routledge. Dr. Harvell-Bowman teaches quantitative methods classes at the graduate and undergraduate levels as well as a large lecture persuasion course, and various political communication courses.

In her ever dwindling spare time, this native of Overland Park, Kansas, enjoys reading NTSB reports about past plane crashes, watching ghost shows and cult documentaries. Additionally, Dr. Harvell-Bowman enjoys spending time with Lucy, her 10-pound chorkie; Winston, her 95-pound golden retriever, and her undisclosed weighted husband, Trent. Dr. Harvell-Bowman also attends Zumba regularly and is constantly counting down the days until basketball season begins (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!).

Lindsey Harvell-Bowman Lindsey Harvell-Bowman

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