Welcome from the Director

By the numbers, the School of Communication Studies connects with more students than any other academic department on campus. Every student at the university engages with one of our amazing team of 45 faculty when they take their Introduction to Communication course, a course designed to offer an understanding of the complex process of human communication and exposure to the skills that will be useful in building and maintaining relationships, articulating and advocating for ideas, and working with others in their personal and professional lives. Read More

“We are a community engaged in teaching, researching, and practicing communication as central to cultivating ethical, productive, and meaningful lives and relationships.”

Diversity Statement

The School of Communication Studies at James Madison University cultivates a socially and culturally diverse intellectual community that recognizes how historical, political, and social structures are embedded in processes and studies of communication. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are core values championed by the school. We believe that preparing our students to contribute to a more equitable community is essential and we incorporate this belief into our curriculum, practices, and policies. We reject racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, ableism, ageism, and xenophobia in all forms and seek to cultivate learning environments free from expressions of hate and harm. As a department, we work together to create a learning community that better equips us all to build more just communities.

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