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Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Commencement Ceremony

My son/daughter has a major and two (2) minors; which ceremony will they attend?

It is customary that graduates process in their major only.


My son/daughter has a double major; which regalia do they purchase? 

The graduate will purchase the cap/gown that corresponds to the ceremony in which they will attend. 


My son/daughter has a double major. Which ceremony should they attend? 

It is the choice of the graduate as to which ceremony they will attend and they need to inform the Registrar’s office of their choice. 


When do guests need to be in their seats? 

A minimum of 45 minutes prior to ceremony time. This will ensure all get a good seat. 

Are tickets required? 

Tickets will be required for the Class of 2021 college ceremonies. There will be a limit of four tickets per grad, no exceptions.


What happens if I am late for a ceremony?  

For all ceremonies, you will be seated after the faculty process and are seated on the stage, approximately 15 minutes into the program. Please see a college coordinator when you arrive and they will assist you. 


Once my graduate's name is called and he/she crosses the stage, can we leave? 

No. Out of respect for the other graduates, all graduates and their guests are expected to stay until the ceremony is over. However, if it is necessary to exit early, we ask you to move quickly and quietly so that you do not disrupt those around you. 


Do graduates receive their diplomas during Commencement weekend?

No, diplomas are mailed to graduates over the summer once all grades are entered by professors and the Registrar’s office finalizes their graduation requirements. Please ensure the Registrar’s Office ( has your correct address on file. 


Academic Regalia and Announcements/Invitations

How do I purchase announcements?

Announcements can be purchased via our JMU website at 

How do I purchase my cap & gown?

Caps & Gowns are now available for purchase by all students who meet graduation requirements in May(undergrad, graduate, and doctoral) via our website at: click here for more information. 

Is there a charge for a cap & gown? 

Yes, 2021 prices are posted on the website, click here for more information. 



If you still have questions please contact the University Events Department for additional assistance.

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