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JMU Practicum Student Resources

In addition to providing a quality educational experience for children and their families, the Young Children’s Program serves as a laboratory site for JMU teacher education students. The opportunity to observe and interact with children under the careful supervision of early childhood professionals is critical in the preparation of high quality teachers. The presence of student staff also ensures that each child receives individual attention as needed and the opportunity to form friendships with other caring adults. Because the YCP operates as a laboratory school, it also serves as a site for student and faculty research. Specific guidelines are followed to protect the privacy of all children and families.

The student participants in the Young Children’s Program are in the first semester of the teacher preparation program and are enrolled in courses that focus on child development and curriculum. They have a dual role at the YCP – serving as both observers and teaching assistants. Students experience an extensive orientation to the program and expectations for professional interaction and dispositions.

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