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Eligibility for GYO (Grow Your Own) Campus Teaching Fellows

All the following eligibility requirements must be met to apply to the GYO Campus Teaching Fellows program:

  • All applicants must be admitted to JMU as a new, second, or third-year or transfer student for the Fall 2022 semester.
  • All students must be considered In-State Virginia Residents according to the Office of Admissions. No exceptions!
  • Must have attended high school in one of the partnering districts.
  • Must plan to major in elementary education, early childhood education, or special education.

How to Apply

  • Using the link that was provided in the GYO Campus Teaching Fellows email, complete the GYO Campus Teaching Fellows Application through Madison Scholarships Hub
  • There is a general application for the hub that must be completed, and 2 short essay questions for the GYO Teaching Fellows program
  • Applications are open now

GYO Campus Teaching Fellow Decision Email Notice

Within 2-3 weeks after submitting your application through the Madison Scholarships Hub, GYO Campus Teaching Fellow applicants will be contacted via email regarding their application status.

Student Confirmation of GYO Campus Teaching Fellows Scholarship/Loan Acceptance

Students must accept their scholarship/loan award by the deadline stated in the email decision notice.

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