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General Interest Links in Economics

American Economic Association.  Most broadly based of the economics professional associations and publisher of the American Economic Review.

American Economic Association's student pages.  Pages specifically for undergraduate students from the most broadly based of the economics professional associations.

Association of Private Enterprise Education.  Professional association whose mission is "to put into action accurate and objective understandings of private enterprise."

Dismal Scientist.  Good statistics and commentary on current economic issues.

International Association for Feminist Economics.  This non-profit organization advancing feminist inquiry of economic issues has lots of good links and resources on its website.  Microsoft's take on personal finance.  A non-Microsoft take on personal finance.

Occupational Outlook - Economists - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

JMU's Center for Economic Education - Promotes economic literacy in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, as well as provides training and assistance to area teachers and selected adult audiences to further the understanding of economics and the private enterprise system.  Economics Professor William C. Wood is Center Director.

Research Resources
JMU Specific

NBER Working Paper Series.  You can open this database file in Microsoft Access to get an index to working papers from the National Bureau of Economic Research. The papers are available to JMU faculty and staff. Student researchers who would like access should contact the Department Head, Dr. William Wood.

Virtual Economics Lab

JMU Libraries

More Research Resources

Economic Report of the President (Statistical Tables). The tables issued with the annual Economic Report of the President provide lots of good data.

Economics Resources on the Internet.  An excellent source document, frequently updated, about what's out there.

Government Economic Data.  You paid for it - why not go look at it?  This Census Bureau site is a good place to start.

Off-Campus Career Pages

Here are some pages outside JMU that have good information on careers:

Career information from the American Economic Association: good information from the broadest based professional association in economics.

Careers with the Economics degree: page from college publisher Cengage Learning.

National Economic Research Associates (NERA): economic consulting firm that has hired a number of JMU graduates.

PriceWaterhouseCooper: consulting firm that has hired a number of JMU graduates.

Accenture: consulting firm that has hired a number of JMU graduates.

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