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In its newly-built dedicated space, the CPS provides a multi-use environment for the study and practice of the many communication skills needed to excel in the field of sales.

With 1800 sq. feet housing a conference room and four meeting rooms, the CPS adds feature-rich audio-visual technology to traditional in-person sales training. The center plays host to in-house sales competitions, and students may use the rooms to conduct virtual sales call role plays, mock interviews and real virtual interviews with our corporate partners.

Certificate Programs and Continuing Education 

Boost your team’s sales skills and refine their understanding of client relationships with regard to establishing trust and demonstrating product features by having the CPS as a training partner.

Drawing on over 50 years of combined marketing industry experience and three decades of academic research experience, the Center is a unique sales resource-rich tool ready to develop continuing education and certificate programs that address the specific needs and goals of your sales team. 

Whether you need to enhance communications skills or want to gain real working knowledge of new digital technologies and approaches, the CPS can help your teams reach their potential and exceed their goals. 

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