Join our vibrant community of professors and students at JMU Geography, where we come together to learn, tackle problems, and create a positive impact on the world.

Our program offers a unique, holistic approach: the geographical perspective. Geography emphasizes the examination of why the world is as it is.

  • The environmental and human processes that shape our planet and our lives;
  • How humans interact with their environment; and,
  • How place matters to environmental, economic, and cultural issues.

JMU Geographers…

  • Work in the field focusing on real-world issues;
  • Build real-world expertise and experience working with schools, local farmers, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies.
  • Explore major cities like New York and London and fascinating countries like Malta, Kenya, and Thailand; and
  • Practice essential conservation skills in nearby forests and parks.

Geography is a bridge between the social sciences (human geography) and the natural sciences (physical geography). More than this, geography trains students in the latest geospatial technologies – geographic information systems (GIS), earth observation, and other cutting-edge tools – to analyze global change.

The primary challenges facing our world and humanity in the coming century can be examined and addressed very effectively by the geographical approach.

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