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You'll complete a common core that will give you a firm foundation in essential geographical knowledge which includes human geography, physical geography, geospatial techniques, statistics, and human/land relations.

Beyond the core, concentrations encourage a deeper understanding of the discipline and the relevant skills to address critical problems faced by humanity.

Our concentrations focus on a particular area within Geography:

  • Applied GIS
  • Environment Conservation, Sustainability and Development or
  • Customized to your interests 
Applied Geographic Information Science Concentration

In the Applied Geographic Information Science concentration, you’ll focus on the practical application of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis techniques to solve real-world problems and address spatially-related challenges. You’ll combine GIS, computer technology, and spatial analysis methods to collect, manage, analyze, and visualize geographic data in areas such as

  • urban planning
  • environmental management
  • natural resource assessment
  • transportation planning
  • emergency response
  • public health
  • disaster management, and many other areas

Course Catalog: B.A. Requirements | B.S. Requirements

Environmental Conservation, Sustainability and Development

In the Environmental Conservation, Sustainability and Development (ECSD) concentration, you’ll focus on the geographical contexts within which people and places interact. You’ll explore spatial and temporal patterning between human communities and the natural environment at multiple scales and address global issues such as

  • global climate change and globalization
  • environment and human interactions, including political, economic, physical, and ethical factors
  • human and ecological aspects of sustainable development
  • natural resource management, including energy, forests, wildlife, and biodiversity
  • cultural ecology
  • regional geography
  • population issues

Course Catalog: B.A. Requirements | B.S. Requirements

Custom Concentration

A custom concentration in Geography allows you to personalize your academic experience based on your specific interests and career goals. You have the flexibility to select courses that align with your desired area of expertise within geography, whether it's urban geography, environmental sustainability, GIS, cultural geography, or any other subfield that captures your interest.

Course Catalog: B.A. Requirements | B.S. Requirements

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