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Class of 2024

John chose to become an EA to become more involved in the program and outreach to middle school students. He belongs to Madison Welders, is a First-Year Orientation Guide (FROG), and a Student-Athlete Tutor for physics & mathematics. Outside of engineering, he enjoys running, hiking in nature, yoga, skiing, and watercolor painting. John chose JMU Engineering because of the design-based curriculum, the two-year capstone, and the opportunity to do hands-on learning. In addition, he was excited about the small class sizes, the engineering community, and the chance to explore and learn about multiple engineering disciplines.

How is JMU Engineering preparing you for your future?

I think immediately to the interdisciplinary project base curriculum. The sophomore-year buoy project in collaboration with engineers at Northrop Grumman is a perfect example. We worked with Northrop Grumman on researching, designing, building, testing, and delivering a functional Smart Buoy. I gained experience in working with industry professionals. I gave product pitches, technical updates, presentations, managed a team as a section leader, and gained knowledge in the fabrication, construction, and testing of a buoy prototype. I learned copious skills that I will be able to apply in future engineering and career opportunities. There are many engineering projects that promote experiential learning within the program. These experiences have prepared me to handle various projects and challenges in the future."

Advice for prospective students:

"Let your curiosity lead you. Follow what you find interesting, intriguing, and exciting. You are bound to find something that is exactly your niche and the perfect fit!"

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