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Class of 2025

Class of '25. Hometown: Short Hills, NJ

About me: I grew up in New Jersey and began college at UNC Chapel Hill to study music. However, I stopped pursuing a musical career during my junior year and moved to Virginia. In my spare time I enjoy practicing my instruments, sauntering around the yard with my dog Moby, and watching chemistry/physics videos on YouTube. I’m also involved in research, and work as a CS TA here at JMU and a Math/Chemistry/CS tutor at BRCC.

Ask me about: Getting started with research. I’m also an expert with transfer credits— I have like 130 of ‘em! Otherwise, anything at all - I enjoy talking about a bizarre assortment of topics, from favorite dog memes to Stanley Kubrick’s body of work, obscure low brass instruments I have performed on/own like the cimbasso, and random cosmological hypotheses like baryogenesis!


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