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The best way to get to know our program is to talk to the students and faculty who make this department a community. So we offer one-on-one video chats with our CS Ambassadors and personalized tours where you can sit in on classes and talk with our faculty and students. 

So schedule a video chat and we'll talk with you soon!

Caitlyn Retaleato, CS Ambassador



Class of '23 from Purcellville, VA

About Me: Took one Intro to Java class before JMU. I’m not sure about what field I want to enter in the future, so right now I’m looking for opportunities to give me insight on what is out there for me.

Ask me About: I’m really into trivia and love jeopardy.

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Gabriel Doon, CS Ambassador

Class of '22 from Virginia Beach, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: this department has so many opportunities for students, and since JMU is a teaching focused institution, professors here are extremely open to sharing resources with students. JMU also supports minority students like myself, with scholarship options such as STEM Second Century.

Ask me About: Anything about the Honors College or about continuing music in college without having to be a music major! If you like jazz, please feel free to talk to me!

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Riley Harbick, CS Ambassador

Class of '22 from Harrisonburg, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: Because of the caring community and amazing opportunities that I have through JMU. Every single professor wants you to succeed and do the best you possibly can in the future. I also like the focus on learning to program through experience and hands on activities. 

My Clubs & Hobbies: Unix Users Group, Cyberdefense Club, Radio Club, camping, and watching movies. I'm also part of the Honors College.

Ask me About: I’ve met Jeff Bezos multiple times.

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Corwin, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘22 from Goochland, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: I started taking CS classes during my sophomore year and my interest in computer science has been growing ever since. I really enjoy being a CS student at JMU because the courses are interesting, and the professors really care about their students' growth and success.

Ask me about: What its like to be half English, my favorite podcasts or what I studied at JMU before computer science.

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Carley, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘22 from South Riding, VA

Why I'm at JMU CS: JMU CS is a very welcoming and engaging environment. I've always felt like I was supported by the faculty and students, which has really allowed me to explore my interests and grow as a person. 

Clubs & Interests: I'm involved in the Unix User's Group club, Upsilon Pi Epsilon (a computer science honor society), and Alpha Omega Epsilon (a social and professional sorority for women in STEM). I'm also very passionate about music and the marching arts. I've been involved in several ensembles including the JMU Marching Royal Dukes, the George Mason University Indoor Drumline, and the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps.

 Ask me About: Building a bear tracking collar and performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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Bradley, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘24 from Bristow, VA

Why I'm at JMU CS: I've been programming since I was little and love creating projects in my free time.

Clubs & Interests: I play for JMU’s Ultimate Frisbee team, but you’re more likely to find me running or longboarding.

Ask me About: The time a company tried to buy the app that I published when I was 12.

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Kennedy, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘23 from Richmond, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: I transferred midway through my sophomore year from William and Mary to JMU because of the CS department. I was drawn towards the communication and soft skills JMU CS faculty mix into their curriculum along with incredible professors who have helped me hone my skills as a programmer. 

Clubs & Interests: I am in the JMU BluesTones A Cappella group on campus, and enjoy running and cooking. 

Ask me About: The transfer process into JMU CS, and anything music related!

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Abdullah, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘25 from Harrisonburg, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: JMU offered an affordable opportunity for me to study CS compared to other schools in VA. I was really attracted by the flexibility of the program and how it allows you to double major in something else you're interested in. That, along with how focused on teaching the professors are, makes it a perfect match for me.

Clubs & Interests: I'm currently in Competitive Programming and I enjoy playing pool.

Ask me About: My experience with escape rooms.

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Sanda, CS Ambassador

Class of ’23 from Yangon, Myanmar

Why I’m at JMU CS: CS department opened up many opportunities for my student and professional life. Professors showed the beauty of computers and programming and achieving the impossible through ingenious programming. The caring, friendly and supportive nature of this department helps International students like me to achieve success in academic life.

My Clubs & Hobbies: Honor College, Cyberdefense Club, International students clubs, Tennis, Astronomy, Photography.

Ask me about: International student life at JMU and anything about photography and travel stories!

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Max, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘23 from Middletown, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: I had my first introduction to programming in middle school and fell in love with the subject ever since. Coming to JMU has only further motivated me to pursue this as a career thanks to the extremely helpful and knowledgeable faculty. While I’m I still haven’t decided which field I want to pursue within CS, I’m confident that the wide range of CS electives JMU offers will help point me in the right direction.

Clubs & Interests: I am in Beta Theta Pi (a social fraternity) and SafeRides. Most days you can find me either binge-watching a new Netflix series at home or working out at UREC.

Ask Me About: The time when I found myself performing Russian dance at the Russian Embassy in DC.

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