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The best way to get to know our program is to talk to the students and faculty who make this department a community. So we offer one-on-one video chats with our CS Ambassadors and personalized tours where you can sit in on classes and talk with our faculty and students. 

So schedule a video chat and we'll talk with you soon!

Caitlyn Retaleato, CS Ambassador



Class of '23 from Purcellville, VA

About Me: Took one Intro to Java class before JMU. I’m not sure about what field I want to enter in the future, so right now I’m looking for opportunities to give me insight on what is out there for me.

Ask me About: I’m really into trivia and love jeopardy.

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Gabriel Doon, CS Ambassador

Class of '23 from Virginia Beach, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: this department has so many opportunities for students, and since JMU is a teaching focused institution, professors here are extremely open to sharing resources with students. JMU also supports minority students like myself, with scholarship options such as STEM Second Century.

Ask me About: Anything about the Honors College or about continuing music in college without having to be a music major! If you like jazz, please feel free to talk to me!

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Riley Harbick, CS Ambassador

Class of '22 from Harrisonburg, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: Because of the caring community and amazing opportunities that I have through JMU. Every single professor wants you to succeed and do the best you possibly can in the future. I also like the focus on learning to program through experience and hands on activities. 

My Clubs & Hobbies: Unix Users Group, Cyberdefense Club, Radio Club, camping, and watching movies.

Ask me About: I’ve met Jeff Bezos multiple times.

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Paul Bailey, CS Ambassador


Class of ‘21 from Fairfax, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: JMU is able to provide an impressive student-first environment for CS students as well as have an absolutely awesome campus. No school can match the friendliness, excitement, and school spirit of JMU.

My Clubs and Hobbies: I am a member of the Marching Royal Dukes Marching Band, the Basketball Pep Band, and Harrisonburg Helpers community service club. I play racket sports at the University Rec Center, hike, cycle, play card games, and enjoy cinematography.

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Brad Ridder, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘21 from Winchester, VA

Clubs & Organizations:JMU Cyber Defense Club and SkillsUSA, a Career and Technical Student Organization that empowers students in the trades to become world class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens.

 Ask me About: I've met the US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, and CTE Advocate/Dirty Job star Mike Rowe as part of my involvement with SkillsUSA. My patronus is a llama.

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Mandy Pearce, CS Ambassador

Class of '20 from Richmond, VA

My Clubs and Hobbies: Women in Technology, cyber defense club, a cappella, intramural sports, Christian campus ministries, rock climbing, singing, baking.

Ask me About: my plants, being a woman in STEM, and internships.

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Logan Moody, CS Ambassador

Class of '20 from Reston, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: When I visited, I was blown away by how accessible the professors and students were and the beauty of the campus. Each year I have spent at JMU I have loved it more and more. I am so appreciative of the opportunities I've had and the life long friends I made here.

Ask me About: Undergraduate research: I've done internships at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Summer of 2018 and 2019 and my research includes Floating-Point, High Performance Computing, and Computer Architecture. I will be entering a PhD program next year with the hopes to one day become a professor and a life long researcher.

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