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The best way to get to know our program is to talk to the students and faculty who make this department a community. So we offer one-on-one video chats with our CS Ambassadors and personalized tours where you can sit in on classes and talk with our faculty and students. 

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Caitlyn Retaleato, CS Ambassador



Class of '23 from Purcellville, VA

About Me: Took one Intro to Java class before JMU. I’m not sure about what field I want to enter in the future, so right now I’m looking for opportunities to give me insight on what is out there for me.

Ask me About: I’m really into trivia and love jeopardy.

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Alejandro, CS Ambassador

 Class of ‘24 from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Why I’m at JMU CS: Small class sizes, close proximity with professors, and course offerings stood JMU out from the rest. The department is very mindful of minorities within Computer Science. Professors are very knowledgeable and are willing to share what they know and always have their office doors open to chat with.

Ask me About: Anything! I’m an open book. Some topics I like talking about: living in a military family, working in a FAANG company, and how I have the memory capacity of Dory.

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Matt, CS Ambassador

Class of '23 from McLean, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: When I was touring colleges I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go or major in, but JMU had such an inviting CS community and knowledgable professors that it made the decision an easy one. 

My Clubs & Hobbies: I’m involved in a variety of clubs and extra curricular’s on campus, like the Cyber Defense Club or Upsilon Pi Epsilon honors society. I also work as a videographer and photographer for the university.

Ask me About: Feel free to ask any questions ranging from JMU’s CS course catalog, to extra curricular’s, to great places to eat in Harrisonburg. I’m also plan on graduating early and pursuing a graduate degree, so if you’re interested in doing the same, ask about that!

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Margaux, CS Ambassador

Class of '23 from Alexandria, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: The CS department at JMU is one of the most caring communities I've had the pleasure of being a part of. Students and Faculty alike genuinely want to see you succeed. The supportive environment has allowed me to further my programming knowledge and explore different topics in Computer Science.

Clubs & Interests: I am a Hall Director at JMU and am an avid reader.

Ask me About: Animals! I have a cat and a hamster.

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Emily, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘24 from Richmond, VA

About Me: I got my Associates of Science from Brightpoint Community College (formerly John Tyler) and then transferred to JMU knowing I wanted my future to be with Computer Science. I recently completed an internship at the Richmond Federal Reserve in their cybersecurity area.

Ask me about: Anything about JMU CS, different clubs and orgs, video games, cybersecurity, or anything else. I am an open book!

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Joselyne, CS Ambassador

Class of '23 from Glen Allen, VA

Why I'm at JMU CS: JMU's CS community is full of amazing people. All of the professors and faculty put in so much effort and support to help us succeed. The friends I've met here are also some of the best people I've met. They create such an encouraging, healthy environment to thive in while pursuing your academic career here at JMU.

Clubs & Interests: I am currently in Honor Council, Vietnamese Student Association, Kinetix Breakdance Club, Upsilon Pi Epsilon honors society, and Women In Technology. I have a big interest in art, graphic design, rock climbing, and hanging with my dog, Poki Loki Tran.

Ask Me About: Any questions about anything JMU CS or the internship finding process! Or even just fun things to do at JMU!

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Kennedy, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘23 from Richmond, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: I transferred midway through my sophomore year from William and Mary to JMU because of the CS department. I was drawn towards the communication and soft skills JMU CS faculty mix into their curriculum along with incredible professors who have helped me hone my skills as a programmer. 

Clubs & Interests: I am in the JMU BluesTones A Cappella group on campus, and enjoy running and cooking. 

Ask me About: The transfer process into JMU CS, and anything music related!

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Abdullah, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘25 from Harrisonburg, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: JMU offered an affordable opportunity for me to study CS compared to other schools in VA. I was really attracted by the flexibility of the program and how it allows you to double major in something else you're interested in. That, along with how focused on teaching the professors are, makes it a perfect match for me.

Clubs & Interests: I'm currently in Competitive Programming and I enjoy playing pool.

Ask me About: My experience with escape rooms.

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Max, CS Ambassador

Class of ‘23 from Middletown, VA

Why I’m at JMU CS: I had my first introduction to programming in middle school and fell in love with the subject ever since. Coming to JMU has only further motivated me to pursue this as a career thanks to the extremely helpful and knowledgeable faculty. While I’m I still haven’t decided which field I want to pursue within CS, I’m confident that the wide range of CS electives JMU offers will help point me in the right direction.

Clubs & Interests: I am in Beta Theta Pi (a social fraternity) and SafeRides. Most days you can find me either binge-watching a new Netflix series at home or working out at UREC.

Ask Me About: The time when I found myself performing Russian dance at the Russian Embassy in DC.

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Sanda, CS Ambassador

Class of ’23 from Yangon, Myanmar

Why I’m at JMU CS: CS department opened up many opportunities for my student and professional life. Professors showed the beauty of computers and programming and achieving the impossible through ingenious programming. The caring, friendly and supportive nature of this department helps International students like me to achieve success in academic life.

My Clubs & Hobbies: Honor College, Cyberdefense Club, International students clubs, Tennis, Astronomy, Photography.

Ask me about: International student life at JMU and anything about photography and travel stories!

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