JMU is one of the original seven, National Security Agency (NSA) designated, centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. This is an outreach effort designed to reduce vulnerability in the National Information Infrastructure. For more details about this program please visit the National Security Agency.

All undergraduate Computer Science students who take the following courses are eligible to receive the NSA approved "Information Systems Security Professionals", NSTISSI No. 4011 certification. Currently, some government agencies, including the NSA, hire graduates with the certificate a grade higher than the graduates without it. Many organizations, especially those working with the Department of Defense (DoD), would like their technical employees to have these DoD approved certificates. So, make sure you take a copy of this certificate with you to your job interviews.

Course Requirements

You must be a computer science major and take the following courses:

  • CS457 Fundamentals of Information Security
  • CS458 Cyber Defense
  • CS482 Selected Topics in Information Security. With permission of the INFOSEC Program office and only in special circumstances, this course may be substituted by one of the following courses: CS461-Internetworking, CS462-Network Applications and Development, or CS463-Network Analysis and Design.

If you have taken the required courses for the Information Security Certification, please:

  1. Print out an unofficial transcript,
  2. Circle the required courses you have taken, and
  3. Take the transcript to Ms. Kathy Laycock (ISAT/CS 223).
Additional Certifications

Additional DoD approved certificates will be offered, as optional courses during the summer, if there is enough student interest.  These certificates include:

  • Senior System Manager Certificate, CNSSI 4012
  • System Administrators, CNSSI 4013
  • Information Systems Security Officers, CNSSI 4014
  • System Certifiers, NSTISSI 4015

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