JMU is one of the original seven, National Security Agency (NSA) designated, centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. This is an outreach effort designed to reduce vulnerability in the National Information Infrastructure. For more details about this program please visit the National Security Agency.

All undergraduate Computer Science students who take the following courses will receive the NSA approved "Information Systems Security Professionals Certification”. Students in this certificate program learn Cybersecurity tools and techniques to protect networks and systems from the hackers. There is a huge shortage of technical Cybersecurity expertise in the nation. As a result, we see so many security breaches of the industry and government agencies.  This certificate is designed to prepare Cybersecurity experts for our national need.

The job market for Cybersecurity professionals is great, with some of the best paying jobs in the country. Many organizations, especially those working with the Department of Defense (DoD), would like their technical employees to have Cybersecurity certifications. So, make sure you take a copy of this certificate with you to your job interviews.

Course Requirements

You must be a computer science major and take the following courses:

  • CS457 Information Security
  • CS458 Cyber Defense
  • CS482 Selected Topics in Information Security. With permission of the INFOSEC Program office and only in special circumstances, this course may be substituted by a relevant course.

If you have taken the required courses for the Information Security Certification, please:

  1. Print out an unofficial transcript,
  2. Circle the required courses you have taken, and
  3. Take the transcript to Ms. Carole Ritchie (King Hall 119B).
Cyber Defense Club

All the students interested in Cybersecurity are highly encouraged to participate in our Cyber Defense Club (CDC). CDC students meet on weekly basis, getting hands on experience with Cybersecurity tools and practice to participate in local and national Cybersecurity competitions.

The club is open to all JMU students. No Cybersecurity background is required to participate. The more you get involved, the more you learn.

If interested in the club, please visit their JMU website: BeInvolved

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