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This page is not intended as a substitute for the catalog.
Please consult with your advisor and the catalog for the year in which you were admitted.
Years 1 and 2

During the first two years, computer science majors should complete the following CS courses: 149, 159, 227, 240, and 261.

By the end of their sophomore year, students should complete two courses from CS 327, 345, 361, or a CS Elective. In addition, students should satisfy their mathematics requirement by taking courses in calculus and statistics.

Years 3 and 4

During their junior and senior years, students in the computer science major complete their core and general education requirements and choose their electives. Students may pursue a minor or take unrestricted “general elective” courses in any discipline (which may include additional CS elective courses) to satisfy the 120 credits required to graduate.

Plan of Study

The following illustrates various ways to fulfill CS and JMU degree requirements depending on where you start with our curriculum.

Note: these are just illustrations of paths through our curriculum. Meet with your CS Advisor to discuss the specifics of your particular situation.

Course Prerequisites

Many courses include prerequisites or courses that must be successfully completed before enrollment in a specific course.

A complete listing of all core and elective courses including pre-requisite information is available in the CS program section of the official JMU Undergraduate Catalog.

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