Capstone courses are individualized or small-group experiences that integrate the information learned in psychology courses. The prerequisite for most Capstones is completion of two Natural Science and two Social Science core courses. The following courses are capstone options:

  • PSYC 492. History of Psychology (3 credits). This seminar examines the history of psychology as reflected through the individuals, theories and experimental investigation of the discipline. Special emphasis is placed upon relating the current state of psychology to its historical development. 
  • PSYC 493. Laboratory in Psychology (3 credits). This course allows students to work in groups and learn to conduct research in a focused area of psychology. Topics for each semester are announced on our registration information pages.
  • PSYC 497. Senior Seminar in Psychology (3 credits). This small seminar course allows students to study an advanced topic and encourages integration of prior course material. Topics for each semester are announced on our registration information pages.
  • PSYC 495. Field Placement in Psychology (4 credits). Field placement is a supervised practicum in a counseling, industrial, or human services setting. Orientation to the agency's services, policies, and procedures and professional ethics is provided. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. Application for Field Placement is made during the first month of the semester prior to the semester field placement is taken. Deadlines vary from semester to semester, so check bulletin boards, the Department Newsletter, or inquire. After an interview process, approval must be given by the course coordinator to register for the course. View Field Placement guidelines and additional information. 
  • PSYC 499. Honors (6 credits; 3-semester experience). Students majoring in psychology who have high GPAs may apply to complete an honors thesis during their senior year.  View Honors Thesis guidelines for psychology majors. 

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