Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

The Financial Aid Office considers expenses on this list in determining financial need and eligibility levels for nursing students. This is the list of estimated expenses to assist the student in submitting financial aid applications.

The following expenses are reasonable anticipated costs based on the following rates:

In-State: $463 per credit hour

Out-of-State: $1,041 per credit hour

The below table is based on in-state tuition rates.

RN to BSN Estimated Program Costs




Estimated Program Total



Textbooks (all semesters total)*



TrueScreen fee (one time at program entry) with a renewal fee of $7 for myRecordTracker each year while in program

$71/renewal $7


Estimated total cost per semester based on anticipated number of credits












2nd Fall for PT study



2nd Spring for PT study



*Textbook costs based on the price of new books purchased on Amazon. Does not include optional textbook costs which are traditionally lower, such as used, rented or electronic versions.

*Summer tuition is based on the regular undergraduate rate for online courses. These are the 2023-2024 rates and will change when the new academic year rates are posted.

Students who are considering the Costa Rica study abroad to satisfy their community health clinical hours should be aware that the tuition is governed by the Centre for Global Engagement and may be higher, especially for out of state students. This should be considered during planning. More information can be found at the Study Abroad Short-Term Program Fees page.

The university reserves the right to adjust tuition and fee charges because of rising costs or other conditions upon approval of the JMU Board of Visitors.

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