MSN Admission Process

Yes. You must apply to the Graduate School in order to be admitted to JMU and the MSN program. Additionally, you must also apply through the NursingCAS system. More information:

You must submit emails of the people who will complete your recommendation and original transcripts as part of the NursingCAS application. You do not need to submit letters of recommendation and original transcripts with the Graduate School application. If you are offered admission to the MSN program, then you will need to send original transcripts to the JMU Graduate School prior to the start of classes.

You must submit contact information for two (2) people who will complete your recommendation as part of the NursingCAS application. You do not need to submit the letters of recommendation with the Graduate School application. Letters are best from prior supervisors/employers, university professors, and/or healthcare team members whom you have worked with in a professional capacity. Letters of recommendation from friends or family members are highly discouraged.

Yes. For top candidates, two (2) faculty members will participate in an admission interview. The interview is scheduled via email communication with the Administrative Assistant for the MSN program. Interviews for the NP program will be conducted on one of the dates listed on the School of Nursing website. More information:

Yes. For the FNP and AGPCNP programs, applicants must have the equivalent of one (1) full-time year of experience as an RN before beginning the program. For the Psychiatric Mental Health NP and Nurse Midwifery programs, please see Shenandoah University’s website:

No. GRE scores are not required for to apply or be admitted.

The NP Program

Depending on the program, classes may begin in either the summer or fall semester. Full-time students start the program during the summer and part-time students start during the fall.

For full-time students, the program takes two years to complete. For part-time students, the program takes three years to complete.

Yes. Transfer, waive, and substitute credits are possible and are granted based on individual review of credits/courses taken. Students must submit the syllabus from the course taken outside of JMU to their adviser for review.

Classes for the NP program meet on Wednesdays. Students will have class on JMU’s campus on Wednesdays and have an additional 2-3 days per week in their practicum sites. Our part-time plan of study allows more flexibility and is designed for nurses who plan to complete the program while maintaining employment. Employment may require an adjustment in schedule to accommodate classes and practicums. Students enrolled in a full-time plan of study should expect to spend approximately 40 hours per week for course and practicum requirements, similar to a full-time job commitment.

Information about tuition and fees can be found on the University Business Office website:

Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

Both. Approximately half of the courses in the NP program are all online. Some of the classes are hybrid: some content is online with intensive meetings on campus throughout the semester. The diagnosis and management courses and practicum seminars are held in person on campus on Wednesdays.

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