CHBS Mission

We engage students, faculty and communities in learning, scholarship and service in health and behavioral studies to inspire responsible contributions to our world.

CHBS Vision

CHBS will be a leader in collaborative education, scholarship, and practice that drive real world advancements.

CHBS Values

We promote and support departments, programs, and initiatives that advance a culture of excellence and uphold the following values:

Scholarship & Professional Development

Participate actively in scholarship and continual professional development.

Research refers to systematic examination of phenomena using scientific methods and includes:

  • Basic Research—leads to understanding of fundamental questions.
  • Applied Research—relates basic research to find solutions to everyday problems.
  • Translational Research—relates basic research to professional applications that enhance human health and wellbeing in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Professional Development includes activities designed to enhance professional knowledge and skills

Pursue creative approaches/trends that strive toward new and effective solutions, while respecting successful traditions and established best practices.

Appreciate salient differences, including intersectionality, among and between constituencies and create opportunities for all individuals to have a voice in CHBS endeavors.

Engaged Learning
Employ teaching and learning strategies within various curricula to foster effective thinking, discernment, discovery, and lifelong learning skills.

Act in a manner consistent with personal, professional, college, university values.

Communicate and recognize commonalities, respect differences, and search cooperatively for possibilities to engage in interprofessional and interdisciplinary work.

Respect that everyone has a role to play in achieving the CHBS vision. This shared purpose can be achieved while valuing each other's contributions.

In and beyond our College, impact-driven interactions feature trust, respect, mutuality, service, and associations inclusive of multiple viewpoints.

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