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Katherine Ott Walter, PhD, CHES 
MSC 4301

This cross disciplinary substance use disorder education minor provides the student with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to assist communities in designing evidenced-based prevention/education programs to encourage healthy attitudes and behaviors toward alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Course work in this minor will help prepare the student for the Certified Prevention Professionals-ATOD exam, which they can take after one year of prevention-related paid work experience and additional prevention-specific training.

Students must complete 18 credit hours from the categories outlined below. Students must take one of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) specific courses. The remaining 15 credits must be selected from the additional courses listed below, preferably one from each category. No more than three courses may be taken from a single subject area (PSYC, HTH, SOWK, etc.), and no more than three courses can count for both the student’s major/additional minor and the substance use disorder education minor.

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